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X-ray pictures of various items imaged at 50kV. Click on the pictures and the X-ray will appear in another window.

Details of how these images were produced can be found here.

Granny Smith Apple.

Nichicon 1.13uF 2100V microwave oven capacitor with integral 10MΩ resistor.

Analog Devices 5B30-02 amplifier module.

Dataforth SCM5B35-04 amplifier module.

Ricoh 3E07-2 6.2kV EHT supply from a laser printer.

Musical Christmas card.

Philips Ecotone 9W Economy fluorescent lamp.

A&D HL200 digital scale (batteries removed).

LP1174/31 EHT multiplier from a late 1970's Philips colour television (G8 chassis).

Sharp EL-531GH scientific calculator.

Spider crab (cooked).

2/722F Trimphone telephone.

Sea shells.

Dymo 1000 Plus label printer.

MK 13A plug.

Schaffner FN329-6/05 IEC mains filter.

Deer skull, top view.

Deer skull, side view (slightly tilted).

Deer spine, top view.

Baby House martin.

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